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Reports of days when I flew a hang glider.

Late shift

The classic weather scenario for flying at Wellfleet is to get there when a nor’easter is approaching, and to take advantage of the winds before the precipitation starts. Chatter started late in the week about the prospects for Sunday, which … Continue reading

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Beach weather

There’s a particular weather forecast that Jon A describes as a chocolate eclair. It’s when conditions are just exactly right for flying at Wellfleet. I think I had looked at the forecast early in the week and it showed barely … Continue reading

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A foliage peek

I had been looking at the forecast for Wellfleet for several days, and it had looked like Saturday was a promising day. But as the time grew nearer, a high pressure system got closer and it looked like the wind … Continue reading

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Special permission

The last weekend in August was coming up, and I hadn’t flown in a month due to other commitments, so I wanted to try and get something in. Jon A brought up the idea of heading to Burke, in northern … Continue reading

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Third time’s… less spastic

The lift forecast a day or two out will sometimes look outstanding, but then when the day arrives, the outlook gets less rosy. That was the case with Saturday; the lift map was all red when I looked on Thursday, … Continue reading

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Thanks, Magic Mike!

July was marching on, and I’d had too much going on to get into the air. The forecast for Saturday didn’t look too great to me (apparently some people flew in the torrid conditions, and managed to get onto the … Continue reading

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Trio of Falcons

Well, the weekend hadn’t worked out for flying, but that wasn’t my last chance to get in a flight in June. With the late sunsets, it seemed possible to squeeze in an after-work flight, even it it wasn’t at Tanner-Hiller. … Continue reading

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