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Reports of days when I flew a hang glider.

Not that kind of wench

[100 pop-culture points to anyone who gets the reference in the title] Years ago, there was a hang gliding school in Connecticut called Tek Flight Products. They stopped doing instruction about a decade ago, but some of the Connecticut pilots … Continue reading

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Schedules and weather being what they are, I hadn’t been in the air for well over two months. There had been a few opportunities that I had passed up for various reasons, but Sunday came around looking reasonably favorable for … Continue reading

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Late sunset

In early July, sunset is still within a minute of two of the latest it gets all year. Although I had to work on the 5th, I left my wing on the roof of my car because I heard that … Continue reading

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Purfuit of happiness

Plenty of places looked like they would work on Independence Day, but I had a hankering for foot-launched mountain flying, so since Ascutney was one of the candidates, I didn’t hesitate to head there. I arrived early enough that some … Continue reading

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Not the T-H swan song

Because we had finished the Greylock LZ work on Saturday, Sunday was available for flying. The simplest way to do that was to head to Tanner-Hiller for some towing. Word was that the airport had recently been sold, so it … Continue reading

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Installing an LZ

One of the most popular flying sites in these parts is Mt. Greylock, the tallest mountain in Massachusetts. Because the launch faces east, which is not the most common wind direction, there aren’t too many flyable days there, and when … Continue reading

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Cape activities

There was chatter on the internet about the Sunday forecast looking good for Wellfleet, and when I mentioned that I might be going, Nancy said she’d be interested in coming along. Nancy has approximately zero interest in hang gliding, but … Continue reading

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