Hi, my name is J-J.  I’ve been flying hang gliders since 2004, and writing about it since 2008.  I can be counted on to post something every day that I go flying, and sometimes on days when I don’t fly (but do something flying-related) as well.  Since I live in New England, which isn’t exactly the Mecca for this activity, don’t expect to see something every week.  If I can get into the air at least once a month, I’m doing okay.

In addition to flying, my other main extracurricular activity is orienteering (moreso than flying, in fact.)


3 Responses to About

  1. Scott Adams says:

    Howdy! Great pics! Can you recommend a HG school in the New England area? I’m itching to take lessons, but don’t know who to trust or where to go. Any pointers are welcome.


    • cleversky says:

      Depends on what part of New England you’re in. If you’re in the SW part, then Ellenville NY may be close enough. There are two or three schools there, and I’d recommend Fly High. Otherwise, for the rest of New England the only real option is Morningside in North Charlestown NH (which is where I took lessons).

  2. Kim Braswell says:

    Wonderful posts JJ! Thanks for all of your kind words…return soon!!! It was a pleasure spending time with you!!!

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