2017 in review

OK, this year I really didn’t fly very much.

Numerous factors contributed to this, but the main one was probably that my mother died in March. No need for sympathy, Mom lived longer than anyone in her family tree ever had, was still going strong in her own house that she heated with wood, and was driving her own car, until a sudden and rapid decline. Most importantly, she still had all her marbles right until the end. But I’m the executor of her estate, and dealing with that, including getting her house ready to sell, took some of my time (and will continue to for a bit longer).

I consider myself primarily a mountain foot-launch pilot, but I had only one mountain flight this year, a sledder at Ascutney. I also had two beach days (one of which I had to cut short due to glider problems), and all the rest was towing. I had the fewest days since my first years of training at Morningside, and the least airtime (by a large margin) since I started flying mountains. I did at least have one decently high flight. And I picked up a new skill, static winch towing, though there’s plenty of work left to be done on that.

By the numbers:
Months flown: 6 (Jan, Mar, May, Jul, Sep, Oct)
Flying days: 8
Days when I showed up with my gear but didn’t fly: none that I can recall, unless I brought my stuff to the Greylock work party, not really expecting to get a chance
Flights: 16 (3 foot-launch, 4 aerotow, 9 static winch; 2 soaring, 2 extended sledders, 11 sledders, 1 prudent early landing)
Sites flown: 4 (Wellfleet, Tanner-Hiller, Ascutney, Good Hill Farm)
New sites: 1 (Good Hill Farm)
Gliders flown: 4 (Ultrasport 147, U2 145, 2 Falcon 170s belonging to Greg S and Michael S)
Longest flight (time): 1:30:42 (Jan 22, Wellfleet)
Longest flight (XC distance): 3.15 km (July 4, Ascutney sledder)
Total flight time: 5:11
Max altitude: 6073 feet (July 5, Tanner-Hiller, from a tow to 5180 feet)
Damage: 1 broken downtube (Ultrasport)
Injuries: none


About cleversky

Hang glider pilot in New England since 2004. Also an avid orienteer, and an embedded systems firmware engineer. And some other outdoor stuff.
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One Response to 2017 in review

  1. pk says:

    Another good year. Safe and sound! Well done. PK

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