Picking and picking up

Jeff C. and I headed to the Mohawk Trail, I guess we couldn’t find anybody else interested on the holiday weekend, but the sky looked less than awesome when we got there.

So after we set up, and did Jeff’s launch measurements (see next entry), we noticed that this popular party spot had a fair bit of trash, and while we waited for the conditions to improve, we picked up a few beer cans, and then a few more, and the sky still looked dicey, so we eventually came away with a big haul that we later managed to toss in the dumpster at the restaurant at the hairpin turn.

Back to flying — this was one of those, “looks great, you go first” kind of days, and I was happy to let Jeff step up.  He waited a while for a good cycle to launch in, and when he got it, we found out that this was one of those days that’s a lot more cross than it feels on launch.  There was no ridge lift to speak of, and despite the forecast that said it might be too cross from the left (west), it was way cross from the right (north), and he was just about parked when flying that direction.  His flight was somewhat more than a sled ride, but it wasn’t very long, and pretty soon he was down at the LZ (which was being mowed), and some unexpected air action on the deck put his fine landing… in the ditch.  I think he said that his wings were on the ground and he was dangling in midair suspended from his harness (okay, so that’s a major exaggeration).  I radioed down that if he wanted to pack up quickly, I’d be happy to come down and fetch him for a second try, maybe the wind would improve.  While he thought that over, I made the most of the best feature of the day, sitting in the bushes below launch munching on fresh blueberries.

And… we decided to pack it in and go home.  No flying for me, but a nice day outdoors.


About cleversky

Hang glider pilot in New England since 2004. Also an avid orienteer, and an embedded systems firmware engineer. And some other outdoor stuff.
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