Fire(works) and rain

Sometimes it’s nice when timing works out well.  My brother had been down for a visit on the weekend, and brought Mom up to Vermont hang out with the grandkids for a few days.  So when the forecast looked decent for flying at Rutland on the 4th, that was great, because I could swing by his place afterwards to pick up Mom and drive her home.  There was only a small group at the mountain, as many people presumably had other holiday plans, but Keith, Amy, Dan, and Carlos showed up, and we piled in the truck with a couple of PG pilots and went on up.  Beautiful day, beautiful sky, great flying at cloudbase.

Some of the clouds looked a little more vigorous than I was comfortable with, and when I saw an intimidating cell that was kind of heading in our direction and getting kind of close, I joined the rest of the crew in heading for the LZ rather than get into trouble.

After I packed up, I headed north to my brother’s place, and on the way I could see a much more intimidating thunderstorm up ahead.  As the rain started, I pulled over and scrambled to get the plastic cover slid over my glider bag so that it wouldn’t get totally soaked.  I missed the worst of the storm, which hit upstream from my brother’s house.  The day before, they had gotten a torrential downpour that overwhelmed the culvert under the small private road where he lives and washed out the road.  They had gotten a guy with a backhoe to fix it, but this storm did it again.

The chucklehead backhoe operator showed up to do a second repair by the same method (filling in the gully with sand), which unsurprisingly washed out for a third time.   Finally, they put in a much larger culvert and reinforced the abutments with stone (and there remains a question of whether there’s some blocked drainage upstream that’s sending more water down this way than there should be).  But six months later, the new repair is holding well.

And before heading home, we took Mom and the grandkids to see the fireworks.

flights: 1, airtime: 1:37


About cleversky

Hang glider pilot in New England since 2004. Also an avid orienteer, and an embedded systems firmware engineer. And some other outdoor stuff.
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