Still winter day

The email chitchat was about how it looked good to head for the beach to take advantage of the east winds on Sunday, but I wasn’t convinced. As I write this, I don’t know whether people gave that a try, and/or if it worked out, but what I was seeing in the forecast said that it would mean flying while it was snowing, and I didn’t know if the wind would be strong enough anyway. So I decided that maybe a better possibility would be a mountain site on Saturday, when the wind was supposed to be out of the NW. I posted a note asking if anybody wanted to join me for a try at Skinner, and Jeff C. was up for it.

The brief version of the story is: we snowshoed up, decided that there wasn’t enough wind, and hiked back down. We had brought our harnesses and a snow shovel, so I did clear off an area for a launch run, but in the time we spent up there, although there were a few brief periods when the wind was strong enough to launch, it never felt like we’d be able to soar, so lugging the gliders all the way up there seemed like too much effort for a sled run. It would have been challenging to get the gliders through some of the narrow spots on the trail where the snow-laden trees were blocking the way.

Ah well, you have to expect some days that don’t work out to be mixed in with the ones that do.


About cleversky

Hang glider pilot in New England since 2004. Also an avid orienteer, and an embedded systems firmware engineer. And some other outdoor stuff.
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