Too cold to fly, alternate projects

A few of us talked about trying to fly every month of the year here in New England, which is not an easy task given our climate. It’s not going to happen (for me, at least) because it’s the last day of January, and with the temperature a whopping 24 F here at my house, it’s tough to talk anybody into going. It sounded like ARt might try to fly at Morningside today (which would require carrying the glider up the hill, because the road isn’t clear enough for the ATVs), and if so, he might be the only HG pilot to get any January airtime in these parts, although a few PG guys did manage to fly at Wellfleet a couple of weeks ago despite winds that were light and cross.

Meanwhile, I’m working on things on the equipment front. I have the mysterious missing mylar inserts installed in the sail of my Falcon, as well as the replacement reflex bridle, so that’s ready to reassemble. I also received a replacement set of crossbar hinge plates for my Mark IV in the mail from LMFP a couple of days ago, and I can put that back together as well. The yard is all snow (and 24 F), so I don’t want to do the work outdoors, but I have a friend who is a fireman here in town, and he says that I can bring my glider to the fire station and use one of the bays. As a backup plan, I got permission from the town manager to use the meeting room in town hall.

I think my house is probably going to turn into a self-storage unit for a friend of mine pretty soon, and I want to free up some floorspace for that. Since I keep my gliders on the floor of my living room, I designed a rack that will allow me to stack them, and reduce the footprint by a factor of three. Last night I bought the wood and screws, and if I have enough time, I’ll build it some night this week, and I’ll post pictures.

I’ve also got an RC glider kit that I’ve been meaning to build as a winter project for a couple of years now, but I still haven’t started it. We’ll see if there’s any time for that (not too likely).


About cleversky

Hang glider pilot in New England since 2004. Also an avid orienteer, and an embedded systems firmware engineer. And some other outdoor stuff.
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