Utter disaster, miraculously unhurt

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I’m not going to have computer access for the next couple of weeks, so I won’t be able to write this up properly for a while, but this past Sunday was the worst day of hang gliding I ever hope to experience. The synopsis is that after a couple of hours of smooth soaring, a bad move on my part resulted in my glider breaking up at around 1500 feet AGL, then a reserve ride that ended 50 feet off the ground in a dead tree in the woods. That was followed by a two hour process with ropes and ladders to get me to the ground. Sorry for the incomplete information, but I’ll fill in more when I can, and I wanted people to know that I’m unharmed save for scrapes, bruises, and the weird stuff that will be bouncing around in my head for a while. I will be taking an extended break from flying, though I’m hoping to do some XC retrieve driving later this year.

Let me say this, though: dental floss. If you fly where there are any trees, and if you don’t already have some in your harness, go out today and get a little box of it (mine was 55 yards) and put it in a pocket that’s easy to reach. People talk about it, but I don’t know how many actually carry it. Having the dental floss to pull a rope up made a very big difference in the rescue.


About cleversky

Hang glider pilot in New England since 2004. Also an avid orienteer, and an embedded systems firmware engineer. And some other outdoor stuff.
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